Double rear inclined 600

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Aluminium crate for double dogs

Slanted at the back

Width 90 cm, Depth of base 70 cm, Depth of roof 60 cm, Height 60 cm

Crate delivered assembled


Double 600 sloping dog crate

This model has been designed for vehicles with a sloping rear seat.  This makes it possible to optimize the space by following the curve of the seats. The Nova double 600 slanting crate has a difference of 10 cm between the base and the roof, the base is 70 cm deep and the roof is 60 cm deep. Make sure that the model is compatible with your car, for this take the dimensions of the interior with the doors closed, and that the inclination of your seats corresponds to our cage.  We have another model of inclined dog crate, the Nova Easy double 500 inclined, fully riveted, it is less high (50 cm) and less deep with a base of 60 cm and a roof of 50 cm.

Technical characteristics :

Made in France

Dimensions of the crate :  

  • Width: 90 cm
  • Depth Base: 70 cm
  • Depth of roof: 60 cm
  • Overall depth 73 cm with locks Height: 60 cm   

Your choice

With your dog crate, we give you the choice to personalise it. You can choose to have handles on the roof of the crate, or you can decide not to have them. You can also choose to have the sides of the crate vented or gilled.  Of course, this will depend on how you use your crate. The sloping models are designed to be installed inside vehicles, so we recommend that you choose handles for ease of transport and ventilated sides to maximise air circulation. 

Lightweight and durable

All our crates are made of aluminium. They are therefore relatively light by default, so you will never have trouble carrying them. This is a great advantage if you often have to take your carrier out of the car and put it back in.  Although our crates are lightweight, they are also very durable. There is no risk of them breaking, as opposed to a simple plastic crate. 


Aluminium is very durable. The material is corrosion resistant, which means that it cannot rust, as well as the screws, which are made of stainless steel.   

Anti-cutting joints on the fronts and deburred vents

To maximise the safety of your pets, the edges of our dog crate have been covered with anti-cut seals and the vents have been deburred. 


Dogs should be transported in optimal comfort. That's why all our transport crates come with rubber mats.

Options and accessories :

  • Optional key lock: 25 € each. Please note that for a double dog crate, there is the possibility to add 1 or 2 locks. 
  • Single or double storage band
  • Hook for attachment
  • Drawer 

Made to measure :

If you have special dimensions or a specific modification that you want to add to your dog crate, we are able to make it to measure. For this, contact us so that we can discuss your project.


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