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A choice of custom made dog carriers:

Our dog carrier website offers you a wide range of standard dog carriers. We can also offer you custom made dog carriers, just send us a plan with your ribs and we will send you several proposals so that you can find the dog carrier that suits you. More information in the Contact us section.

Dog carrier made in France :

Our dog carriers are made in our workshops which allows us to be reactive. The dog carriers are made of 2 mm aluminium which gives them robustness, lightness and longevity. A dog carrier allows you to equip your vehicle to travel safely with your pet. We offer models of double, triple and quadruple dog carrier....

The depth of our dog carrier ranges from 50 cm to 90 cm or more, tailor-made to make the dog carrier fit your vehicle as well as possible. We also offer drawers to fit underneath our dog carrier to optimize your vehicle and allow you to store your belongings.

Opt for the ideal dog carrier:

When choosing your dog carrier, it is important to take your vehicle into account, because the dog carrier must fit in your vehicle. But you should also take into account the size of your dog(s), because the dog carrier must be adapted to their size. If the dog carrier is too large for your dog, he may not be able to lie down or sit in the dog carrier and if it is too small, he will not be able to lie down or sit in the dog carrier at his own convenience.

If you need advice in the choice of your dog carrier, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you in the choice of your dog carrier. And don't hesitate to visit our Facebook page!