What size dog carrier for what dog?

The dog does not need to stand upright in the crate, unless you regularly make long journeys. 

These crate sizes are based on the largest dog breeds (males). If your pet is smaller or has a different body type, please consider crates with a smaller size than those listed. 

Furthermore, we are able to make your dog carrier to your own dimensions. This means that we can adapt to any vehicle and any dog. 

As a reminder, you can measure your pet in this way: a dog's height is measured from the ground to its withers, i.e. the point where its neck and back meet. In other words, the top of the shoulder blades.

For a dog carrier size S :

  • The French Bulldog ;
  • The English Bulldog ;
  • The German Sptiz Medium;
  • German Spitz Wolf;
  • Toy Poodle, Medium ;
  • Dachshund ;
  • Yorkshire Terrier ;
  • Jack Russel ;
  • Fox Terrier ;
  • The Beagle ;
  • The Cavalier King Charles ;
  • The Shih Tau ;
  • The Maltese ;
  • The westie ;
  • The Pug ;
  • The small Basset Griffon Vendeen ;
  • Basset Hound ;


  • The English Cocker (size M is also suitable);
  • Shetland Shepherd (size M is also suitable). 

For a size M carrier:

  • The Border Collar ;
  • The Breton Spaniel ;
  • The Springer ;
  • Bull Terrier;
  • Staffordshire bull terrier ;
  • American Stafforshire Terrier;
  • Shiba Inuh. 

Some dogs can also be adapted to S or L size depending on their size and morphology:

  • The English Cocker (or size S) ;
  • The Shetland Sheepdog (or size S);


  • The Golden Retriever (or size L);
  • The Australian Shepherd (or size L) ;
  • The Labrador (or size L) ;
  • The Great Poodle (or size L) ;
  • The English Setter (or size L) ;
  • The Boxer (or size L) ;
  • The Collie (or size L) ;
  • Dalmatian (or size L).

For a dog crate size L :

  • The Beauceron. 

As with the M size, many dogs are suitable for different sizes, including the L and XL. 

  • Golden Retriever (or size M);
  • The Australian Shepherd (or size M);
  • The Labrador (or size M);
  • Large Poodle (or size M);
  • The Boxer (or size M);
  • The English Setter (or size M) ;
  • The Collie (or size M) ;
  • The Dalmatian (or size M);


  • The Malinois (or size XL) ;
  • The Rottweiler (or size XL) ;
  • The German Shepherd (or size XL) ;
  • The Belgian Shepherd (or size XL) ;
  • The Bernese Mountain Dog (or size XL) ;
  • The Akita Inuh (or size XL) ;
  • The Dobermann (or size XL) ;
  • The Drahthaar (or size XL). 

And finally, for a dog carrier size XL :

  • The Saint Hubert ;
  • The Great Dane ;
  • The Drahthaar ;
  • Cane Corso;


  • Malinois (or size L) ;
  • The Rottweiler (or size L) ;
  • German Shepherd (or size L) ;
  • The Belgian Shepherd (or size L) ;
  • The Bernese Mountain Dog (or size L) ;
  • Akita Inu (or size L) ;
  • Dobermann (or size L). 

What's next?

If your dog's breed is not on the list, we will be happy to advise you on the ideal crate size for your dog. 

As mentioned above, the sizes listed here are the largest sizes of these different breeds. It is important to measure your dog carefully in order to find the ideal crate. Not all of our standard crates are shown on our website, as you can read in the descriptions that some models exist with different heights and depths. 

Once you have measured your dog, it's time to measure your car. If our standard crates don't suit you, contact us so that we can help you choose.

Now all you have to do is choose!