What are the characteristics of a good dog carrier?

The material 

There are different materials used for dog crates:

Fabric or nylon: ideal for small dogs or small vehicles. However, the material used will not ensure optimum safety for your pet.

Plastic: As with the above materials, these crates are best suited for small dogs (but can also be suitable for larger dogs) and small vehicles. They will be more durable than a fabric crate, but this material will not provide the most security for your pet. 

Metal: This is the top of the range material for dog crates, with high quality and good finish. At Caisse Transport Chien, we have chosen metal for our crates, more specifically aluminium.


The strength is directly related to the material used. Indeed, a fabric or nylon crate will not be able to resist the impact of an accident. The same goes for a plastic cage, which may break at the slightest impact. 

Strength also increases the life span of this type of product. In fact, a metal case is better able to absorb shocks, and will withstand the blows you may inadvertently give it over time much better.


It is still practical to be able to move your crate without too much effort. Aluminium makes our crates both strong and light. 


To avoid a feeling of claustrophobia, or simply to allow your pet to have air to breathe, ventilation is important to consider. At Caisse Transport Chien, we have chosen vents in the form of square holes, on the opening door and on the sides (optional). For outdoor use, vented blanks are not ideal, especially in rainy weather, which is why we give you the choice between vented blanks or gills.

The type of opening

Depending on the layout of your crate, you may have problems opening the crate once it is installed. At Caisse Transport Chien, all our crates have side openings. However, we can adapt to any type of vehicle, such as the raised crate, which can get around this problem. 

We can also produce custom-made crates with front openings. 

Easy to maintain

A body must be easy to maintain. Since our cages are made of aluminium, it is easy to clean them with soap and water, or simply with a high pressure cleaner. This material has the advantage of being rustproof. 


Your dog should be comfortable inside the crate. For this reason, we offer a wide range of sizes, depending on the size of your dog, on our website, not to mention the multitude of possibilities offered by custom-made crates. In addition, each crate comes with a rubber mat for your pet's comfort.