How to choose the size of your dog carrier?

The number of dogs

This is the beginning, how many dogs do you intend to put in the crate? This may seem trivial, but the more dogs you have, the more you need to pay attention to the size of your crate. With a single crate it's easy, but with a double crate you will have to be much more careful about the width of your crate, as well as with a triple crate.

Please note that our crates are equipped with a removable partition inside, to avoid contact between the dogs. Nevertheless, you can remove it whenever you want. 

The size of your dog 

How to measure your dog?

Before taking measurements, it is worth remembering how exactly to do this. 

The height of a dog is measured from the ground to the withers, i.e. the point where the neck and back meet. In other words, the top of the shoulder blades.

The right dog carrier

There are many sizes of crates available: S, M, L, XL and even custom-made. There is bound to be one that fits your dog(s). 

Let's compare, especially with the height of the crate. If your dog is : 

  • Less than 40cm high: S
  • Between 40cm and 50cm high: M
  • Between 40cm and 60cm high : L
  • Over 60cm high: XL

The dog does not have to stand upright in the crate, and it is advisable that the crate is adapted so that the dog can only lie down. However, for long journeys, a slightly larger crate for your dog to stand in is ideal, so that he can stretch out. Of course, if you plan to stop regularly, you won't need a larger crate.

The size of your vehicle

There are many different types of vehicles, and from one year to the next or depending on the options, the dimensions can quickly differ. Measuring your car's boot is therefore a crucial step before buying one, as it will allow you to find the perfect dog carrier for your vehicle. 

The measurements should be taken with the boot closed, and should take into account the inclination of the seats. If your seats are reclining, the reclining crate models may be more suitable for you, unless you have enough room.