Why buy a dog carrier?

There are many products available for transporting your dog in the car. However, the crate is the most reliable product when travelling by car. The crate is an enclosed space that will ensure the safety of your pet as well as yours.  


This is the most important aspect of a dog crate. It is an expensive purchase, so it must ensure optimum safety for your pet(s). Locked in a crate, your dog will be safe in the event of a collision with the vehicle. Remember that an animal running loose in the car has nothing to protect it. Without a crate, it would be propelled like a cannonball into the vehicle, which could cause serious damage. This is where the strength of the cage comes in. Indeed, the safety can be more or less high depending on the material used for the design of the body. A simple transport cage made of plastic or fine wire will not be able to stand up to a metal body, such as aluminium. Although the price is lower, the quality and life span of the product will be significantly affected. 


Being in an enclosed space, your pet will not be tempted to change places again and again in your vehicle. He will be secured in his crate, lying down, without being shaken in all directions. For his comfort, Caisse Transport Chien supplies a rubber mat with each crate, one for the single, two for the double and three for the triple. But you can also put a blanket inside your crate, with a toy or your scent for example, to further improve your pet's comfort. 

Protecting the interior of your vehicle 

Having a dog carrier will help you keep your car clean! With a crate, there will be no more hair scattered all over the seats, and no more paw prints. In addition, after a ride where your dog has gotten dirty, the crate will allow you to avoid dirt on your seats. 

Easy to maintain

Our crates are rust-free, durable and lightweight. When you want to clean it, you just have to empty the elements inside, such as the carpet, remove the box from your trunk and clean it with a water jet for example. 

Making journeys less stressful

Some dogs don't like car journeys, and for some, discomfort will be felt, such as nausea. You can limit this anxiety with a dog carrier, as this object can help to channel and reassure your pet. However, if your dog is not used to being in a crate, you will have to teach him little by little in order to avoid creating additional stress. 

The law

It is less and less tolerated to leave animals free in a vehicle. According to article R412-6, no passenger should interfere with the driver's field of vision, and the driver should be able to carry out the manoeuvres he is required to do. Having an animal loose in your vehicle can therefore be contrary to these elements, exposing you to a fine.