Single dog carrier Made in France

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Single dog crate :

The Henon dog carrier is a dog carrier made of 2mm thick aluminium which makes it robust. Each dog crate is equipped with protective seals to prevent injury to the pet.

The dog carrier allows you and your dog to travel in complete safety, because many countries already require that animals are in a suitable space so as not to disturb the driver. The website explains why it is important to transport your dog in a solid and well secured dog crate.

The comfort of a simple dog crate :

Thanks to its rubber mat, the dog crate ensures great comfort and will become your dog's favourite place to travel. Buying a dog carrier also helps to keep your vehicle clean, as dog hair is sometimes a chore to suck out.

Several different models are already referenced on our website but it is also possible to make the dog carrier according to your dimensions.

A dog carrier adapted to your needs:

The purchase of a dog carrier is sometimes difficult that's why at Henon we are listening to you, we can be reached by phone, email or Facebook and we will always answer your questions. Indeed, we will accompany you until the end in your choice of dog carrier so that this one is the best adapted to your vehicle, the size of your dog(s) and its use.

For the measurement of your trunk, a small diagram is available in the descriptions of our dog carriers to help you. On each photo of a dog carrier, three different logos appear with larger and larger dogs. The coloured dog corresponds to the size of the dogs that fit in this dog carrier. Only you can judge how much space your dog needs in its dog carrier to feel best.