Double rear inclined 500

Tax included

Double aluminium dog carrier

inclined at the back

Width 90 cm, Base depth 60 cm, Roof depth 50 cm, Height 50 cm

Crate delivered assembled


Nova easy double 500 inclined dog crate

This is a rear reclined model, which allows maximum use of trunk space in vehicles where the rear seats are reclined, thus giving your dog more space. The depth of the base of the crate is 60 cm and the depth of the roof is 50 cm. We have a larger model, the nova double 600 sloping, with a height of 60 cm. The base is 70 cm deeper and the roof is 60 cm deep.

Technical data :

Made in France

Dimensions of the transport crate 

  • Dimensions : Width 90 cm
  • Base depth 60 cm, roof depth 50 cm
  • Height 50 cm
  • Overall depth with locks: 63 cm Tilts to the rear and allows you to follow the slope of the rear bench seat
  • This model includes two doors with keyless locks (key lock optional)

Your choice

You can choose to have a dog carrier with handles, or without, with airy sides or ears.  It all depends on how you use it. If it's for outdoor use, water should not be allowed to get in, so handles and ventilated sides are not recommended. 

Light and resistant

On dog transport crate, the cages are made of aluminium, which makes them very strong, but also very light! Despite the size of a dog transport crate, it's important to know that it's quite light, it's mainly the mats added inside that can make it heavy.  But it is no less resistant, aluminium gives it great strength, much more than a simple plastic dog carrier crate. Crash test videos clearly show the effectiveness of metal compared to plastic. 


Don't be afraid of corrosion! Aluminium is a material that is resistant to the damage that time can cause. Similarly, screws and bolts are made of stainless steel and are not susceptible to rust. 

Cut-proof seals on facades and deburred ventilation slots

Your pets are safe when they are inside their dog carrier crate. But they also need to be safe when they go in and out. That's why cut-proof seals have been added on the edges and the vents are deburred. 


We want to give all the necessary comfort to the animals in addition to their safety. That's why every dog crate comes with rubber mats. So that your pets can lie down in optimum comfort. 

Options and accessories :  

  • Key lock option: 25 € per unit. Please note that for a double dog crate, it is possible to fit 1 or 2 locks.
  • Single or double storage strip
  • Attachment hook
  • Drawer 

Made to measure :

A particular need? Please contact us! We can answer all your questions. 


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