Single size S

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Aluminium crate for dogs, light and resistant

Dimension of the crate :

Width 400, Depth 600, Height 400

Available in height 500

Crate delivered assembled


Single dog crate size S

The dog crate size S is ideal for small dogs, it is one of our smallest models, it is suitable for dachshund, terrier, springer, cocker spaniel...

Technical characteristics :

Made in France

Dimensions of the dog crate size S : 

  • Width 40cm
  • Depth 60cm
  • Height 40cm

Your choice

  • To have a roof with or without handles
  • Ventilated or vented sides

Lightweight and durable

The S size dog crate is made of aluminium, a material with many qualities. Aluminium is very light and this is reflected in the crate. It is very easy to transport because it is very light. Ideal when you want to clean it. 

But this lightness does not mean fragility, on the contrary. The aluminium is very strong, which makes our dog crate extremely safe for your pet. In the event of an impact, your pet will be perfectly protected, whereas a simple plastic crate would have broken down, our crate will prove to be very resistant. 


Aluminium is a durable material that is not affected by corrosion. So you can easily put it outside without worrying about the effects of time. In addition, the stainless steel screws and bolts also prevent rust. If you have a pick-up truck, this dog crate is perfect! By the way, all our crates are made of the same material. 

Anti-cutting seals on the fronts

Our dog crate is fitted with anti-cut seals on the fronts. This prevents your pet from getting hurt when entering the crate. But also to prevent you from cutting yourself when you want to move it. 

Rubber mats

Because the comfort of dogs is important, our dog crate comes with a rubber mat, so that your pet feels comfortable and can settle properly in its crate. 

Deburred vents

Dogs sometimes poke their snouts through the sides, so our vents are deburred to prevent sharp edges.

Options and accessories :

Depending on the use of the dog crate: inside or outside of a vehicle (e.g. pickup):

  • Optional key lock: 25 € each. Please note that for the dog crate size S there is only one lock.
  • Single or double storage band
  • Hook for attachment
  • Drawer 

Made to measure :

If the size does not suit you, or if you have special requirements, we can make your dog crate to measure.


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