Milla Easy 450

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Aluminium dog crate

Width 50 cm, depth 50 cm, height 45 cm

Ideal for shallow safes

Box delivered assembled


Milla Easy 450 dog crate

This model is shallower than our standard 60 cm deep model, which makes it suitable for safes with a shallow depth. The Milla Easy 450 also differs from our standards by its height, in fact our standards are 40cm and 50cm high, whereas here it is 45cm high.

Technical specifications :

Made in France

Dimensions of the Milla Easy 450 dog crate : 

  • Width 50 cm
  • Depth 50 cm
  • Height 45 cm
  • Overall depth with lock: 53 cm

Your choice

You can choose to have handles or not, and sides with airy or gutted blanks.  It all depends on your use. If you place your dog carrier outside, like in a pick up truck, then it is better to choose a crate without handles and with gills to avoid water infiltration. 

Light and strong

Lightweight and resistant, the dog crate is made entirely of 2 mm thick aluminium. Don't be fooled by its size, aluminium is a very light, yet strong material. 


Your dog carrier will withstand the ravages of time. Thanks to its aluminium structure, it is not afraid of bad weather. This material does not fear rust. 

Cut-proof seals on the front panels and deburred vents

To prevent your dog from being injured, anti-cutting seals have been added to the dog carrier and the vents have been deburred to make it completely safe. 

Rubber mats

Because the comfort of the dogs is very important to us, all our crates are delivered with rubber mats.  

Options and accessories :

It all depends on your needs and use. Some accessories will be more suitable depending on the size of your vehicle and whether you use it inside or outside, like a pick up truck. 

  • Optional key lock: 25 € per unit. On a single dog carrier, there is only one lock.
  • Single or double storage strip
  • Attachment hook
  • Drawer 

Made to measure :

When choosing your dog's transport crate, you must also take into account the size of your dog, in addition to the size of your vehicle. When lying down, your dog must be stowed so that it is not shaken during transport.  Make sure you always take the sides of your vehicle with the door closed, to make sure that the crate will fit properly, the tailgate of the boot must be closed.

If you do not find the dimensions you need, or if you have specific needs, we can make your body to measure. 


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