French manufacturer of dog crates, Emmanuel Hénon's company is constantly evolving to satisfy its customers. A small team is at your disposal from Monday to Friday to manufacture and offer you high quality equipment.

The aluminium dog crate is designed to resist (2 mm thick aluminium), it is practical and light. Your pet deserves the greatest comfort, the dog crate allows you to travel safely, and your vehicle will stay clean.

In short, 3 essential reasons to get a dog carrier: comfort, safety, hygiene.

Comfort :

The dog crate is remarkably comfortable, your dog is always dry on the rubber mat, the dog crate is more or less ventilated depending on the type of vehicle and your choice.

The dog crate is fitted with seals around the door to prevent injury to the animal and/or yourself.

Your pet will quickly adopt its "kennel" where it will feel comfortable and safe.

The safety :

Your dog can represent a real danger, for the driver, for road users in general, but also for himself. It has been proven that the weight of a dog is multiplied by 50 in a collision at 50 km/hour - your pet that weighs, for example, 20 kg becomes a mass of 1000 kg!

The animal must not be a source of danger during transport. In order to comply with the Highway Code, your pet's freedom must be restricted. In this respect, the risk of a fine is possible if the dog is unrestrained and loose in the passenger compartment.

Hygiene :

Your pet is adorable, but the ideal way to limit dirt in the car is the dog carrier. The vehicle will remain in a good state of cleanliness.

The dog crate requires little maintenance, it is made of aluminium, so it can be washed in soapy water.

A few tips :

- Introduce your pet to the dog crate from a very young age so that he feels at home.

- Choose a dog crate that fits your dog's size - if the crate is too large, your pet won't be safe.