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Double dog crate - French quality

Twice the safety with the double dog crate:

We offer double dog crates for the safe transport of your dogs in your vehicle. Our double dog crates are made of Aluminium, so they are light and strong. And because the lives of our animals are important to us, we recommend using a double dog crate for transporting your dog. Look, we're not the only ones who recommend it: Video

Each double dog crate is equipped with a rubber mat for your dogs' comfort and a protective seal on the edge of the entrance to prevent them from getting hurt when entering the double dog crate.

Which double dog crate to choose?

It is possible to put handles on the roof to facilitate the handling of your double dog crate. If your double dog crate is outside, we advise you to choose sides with gills, but for a standard crate it is better to choose sides with holes (ventilated) for better air circulation.

The double dog crate is separated by a partition, it is possible to remove it to allow you to have a large crate. We have a wide choice of standard double dog crates, which offer different widths, heights and depths to best suit your needs and your vehicle.

Different models of double dog crates:

We also offer inclined double doggy bed that fits in trunks where the back seat is not vertical, allowing you to optimize your trunk without losing space. There is also a double doggy bed model with raised doors, this model is designed for deep trunks when the bottom of the trunk is lower than the bumper.

You have the possibility to put drawers under our double dog box, our drawers are compatible with the double dog box of the same name. You need two drawers for a double doggy box. For more information in the choice of your double dog crate, do not hesitate to contact us. And to discover our range of drawers adapted to double dog crates, go to our drawer section.